About Us

European Gateway Sales Alumni

European Gateway has a vast community of existing sales executives, who are in regular contact with C-Level technology executives across Europe.

Our sales partners are financially incentivized to get access to C-level executives across Europe, in order to position our clients technology services.

European Gateway

European Gateway was founded by genuine sales experts. All European Gateway senior management leaders were a part of the team that grew their former company from $800 million to +$3.3 billion in sales.

European Gateway is very passionate about technology and helping tech companies in nations around the world to expand into Europe. We believe that technology truly does have the potential to change the world for the better and we take pride in helping great technology products to get into the hands of people who can benefit from them.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help as many technology companies as possible to dramatically increase their sales in Europe. Technology and sales are our two biggest passions and we want to help foreign tech companies to flourish in a new market. We also want to help European citizens to gain access to all of the new software, hardware, machines, and other tech products that can improve their lives.

Our Values

We value protecting our clients’ brands and working diligently and intelligently to boost sales growth. We make it a top priority to fully understand and adopt the culture of our clients’ companies when we are working with them and are selling their products. We take the time to do this because we know that brand consistency is crucial when breaking into new markets.